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Individual Counseling
We provide spiritual-emotional counseling for issues of anxiety, depression, grief and loss, family of origin, chronic illness, adolescent emotional health, adult emotional growth, and personal coaching for vocational and professional success.

Marriage and Couples Counseling
We provide relationship counseling focused on all aspects of partnering relationships.  We work with couples that are working to form and establish healthy partnerships with clear communication and conflict resolution skills, and with couples in long term relationships that are facing the challenges of illness, loss, infidelity or divorce.  We assist clients in identifying old patterns that interrupt their relationship and in developing practices which deepen intimacy and connection.


Family Counseling
We work with whole family groups to build on family strengths and to identify patterns which limit the support, connection and joy in family systems.  We work with families of all ages and with adult sibling groups, as well as family-owned businesses.


Personal Coaching
We provide personal and professional coaching to help clients identify the issues and obstacles that are interfering with their personal or professional success, and to develop action strategies to move forward in the achievement of their goals. Coaching can be particularly useful at times of significant change and transition to assist clients in developing the insight they need to navigate the changes using their inherent gifts and strengths. We offer Four Color Coaching Sessions using personality types to jump start your insight into challenges and opportunities in your life based on the color of your personality.

Life Mapping

This 10-session program is specifically designed by Meg Flynn to take people back into their personal history to understand the roots of strengths and patterns and how they impact current behaviors, belief systems and our interactions with others. It identifies and works to correct any negative patterns that may be holding the person back from optimizing their potential.

The Life Mapping program is a deep transformational process designed for leaders and influencers in companies, families and communities. The program will guide you through the path of your life story. Deeply understanding your past and making peace with it is the best way to create your future.  When you begin the journey of going back into your story, you will discover and build upon the roots of your true strengths. You will also uncover the roots of negative patterns in your life so you can heal and overcome those unconscious parts.


READY Program

This READY program is your own 2 hour session to prepare for an upcoming event or become clear for goal setting. The session can be for yourself, or you can bring a friend, or family member to join. The first hour is in session with with one of the facilitators, taking you through processes to help you get clear about what you are ready to let go of and what you are ready to step in to. The second hour is your time in the art studio to add words, images and color to your vision. The READY sessions can be facilitated by Meg Flynn, Stefanie Okeson, or Brittany Reinke.

Call or email to reserve your appointment for your 2023 Ready. $200


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