New Directions Counseling & Training, Ltd. is advising all clients to continue with teletherapy sessions if it is meeting their therapeutic needs.


However, if an in-office visit is determined by you and your individual provider to be more beneficial (e.g. children, EMDR, energy work) this will be discussed and arranged between you and your provider, taking into account the comfort level and needs of both parties.


Clients will also be required to sign an informed consent and read the COVID-19 Preparedness Plan.  Masks are required at New Directions.

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New Directions Counseling Team





New Directions is an organization committed to creating holistic opportunities for growth, transition and healing transformation.  The counseling professionals at New Directions work with individuals, couples and families to create the conditions that interrupt old and limiting patterns, and make way for happier and healthier individual and family relationships.  Our professionals approach every client with care, compassion, and belief in the unlimited creative possibilities for change.

Our professionals use a strength-based, whole person and family systems approach to understand the obstacles to positive and integrated growth and development, and to identify the inherent strengths and unique capacities of every client.  It is our belief that life challenges and struggles are part of the normal process of personal evolution, and that these events present opportunities for growth and development. We work to allow our clients to integrate all parts of themselves - physical , emotional, mental and spiritual - on a healing path that is unique for each client, and that brings their highest potentials into expression in their personal development, their relationships, their families, and their work in the world.


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